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Was Jemmye's Challenge Vote A Power Play Or Massive Mistake?

Zeus 11 Aug 8

Challenge vet Jemmye wasted no time proving The Presidio’s double-cross is, indeed, a potent method of duplicity.

On tonight’s Challenge XXX episode, a small group of the house’s women quickly found themselves growing wary of Jenna and Kailah’s close ties. Both strong players, Jenna and Kailah earned critics in Jemmye and Marie, who both said they liked Jenna, but knew it’d probably be smart to oust either her or Kaliah from the game.

“Jenna and Kailah are aligned because they’re besties, and in this game, two people that are that close can be very dangerous,” Jemmye said.

“I don’t wanna go against Kailah,” Marie echoed. “If we can separate [her and Jenna] and vote Kailah in, the odds are in our favor that one of the weaker girls will pull the double-cross and send Camila in against her.”

Still, players like Veronica and Aneesa found the plan shifty.

“Is this really how dirty it’s gonna get?” Aneesa said. “I don’t know why [Marie’s] trying to throw her friends under the bus, but that’s on Marie, that’s not on me.”

Still, for Jemmye and Marie, all proceeded (nearly) according to plan. After “Battle Royale,” a head-banger that pit two teams of equal size against each other and challenged them to funnel back and forth through a narrow hallway, Kailah became the immediate target of the game’s winners, and was nominated into The Presidio. But the real backstabbing didn’t begin until the group arrived at the elimination round.

Camila, Nicole, Jenna, Jemmye and Britni wound up in the bottom, and were all vulnerable to face off against Kailah. And when Jemmye pulled the double-cross, and earned the right to choose one of her fellow competitors to fight for her life, she wasted no time revealing her choice.


Instantly, the game’s crowd of safe players erupted in incredulous gasps, disbelief compounded by the fact that Jemmye was the one player Jenna had decided to save upon winning the final heat of The Purge.

“First I’ll start off with this,” Jenna said, raising a pair of middle fingers at Jemmye. “I did her a favor the first challenge, she shouldn’t even be here.”

“Jemmye has just crowned herself the grimiest, dirtiest broad in this game,” Johnny Bananas added.

And while Marie ultimately said she felt guilty about the vote, Jemmye had no regrets.

“It’s a dirty game,” she told TJ.

And after “The Great Escape,” a cross between rock-climbing and the game of Perfection, Kailah pulled out the unlikely win, sending Jenna — who’d never lost a formal elimination round — home (or, at least, to the Redemption House).

“It was a dirty game on Jemmye’s part, and I don’t know if it was the right move to make so early, because she’s got the rest of the game to play,” Kailah said.

And Jenna took a small amount of consolation in the inevitable firestorm that was coming at Jemmye.

“[Kailah’s] coming back ten times madder, trusting nobody. She’s gonna kick ass,” she said.

As the dust began to clear, Jemmye got the satisfaction of having achieved an immediate goal. But with Jenna’s place in the game still unclear (is a comeback possible…?) and the uber-strong Kailah officially pissed off, is her long-term strategy to hang tough shot to hell?

What do you think — did Jemmye’s vote help her game, and will Jenna’s elimination mean she’s sitting pretty? Or, did Jemmye invite a war, and is the new target on her back too big to evade? Share your thoughts, and see how this shakes out next Tuesday at 9/8c!